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Before you commence to write narrative essays, you are supposed to have a bright idea of how to write a narrative essay. The first step is to understand the definition of narrative essay writing.

Narrative Essays Definition

Narrative essay writing is done is the story-like manner as it is about some particular experience or event in life from the past. In narrative essay writing, the writer gives a descriptive and vivid depiction and details of the event.

Narrative Essay Topics Help

Narrative essay topics are quite easy to choose as they are fro the past and personal experiences. Narrative essay topics such as a memorable event is life, the happiest moment in life, the first day at school or college, an interesting trip to some place, etc.

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The next question arises about how to write a narrative essay. Let’s check what points are important to write narrative essays,

Since narrative essay writing is like a story telling; therefore, it has all the parts and style of story writing which includes setting, characters, progressive events, climax and ending.

Remember that it is an essay, not a story, so make it in a 5-paragraph essay format and avoid using dialogues; instead you have to write them in indirect speech.

In case of using pronouns, prefer using the first person pronouns, but you are free to use any person’s pronoun which is required and natural in use.

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