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in detail and learn how to write on all types of essays.

Writing an essay is an interesting task as it has a huge variety of different type of essays and it grooms the skills of research and writing of the students which is one of the main objectives of academic institutions. There are many types of essays and every essay type clearly differs from each other while some types of essays are slightly similar in the format and objective.

The students are supposed to be well aware of all the types of essays so that they can produce some well written essay papers to present before their teacher and get good grades in the results.

The students with inadequate knowledge of essay types can’t write essay well and the consequence will occur in poor grades. Therefore, it is highly significant to understand all different types of essays individually. Otherwise, be ready to face the music of your unawareness with the different type of essays.

Here you will get to know about each and every type of essay with sufficient information. The first and foremost thing is to see what are the different type of essays there which students must learn to cope with the essay writing assignments in their high schools and colleges.

The most common essay types include argumentative essay, illustration essay, narrative essay, descriptive essay, persuasive essay, compare and contrast essay, controversial essay, cause and effect essay, and expository essay.

Argumentative Essay

It is the most common type of essay and it grooms the argumentative, convincing and research skills.

Learn more about argumentative essay writing and get argumentative essay writing help.

Illustration Essay

Illustration essays are a general type of essay and the difference they have is of the use of vivid and the use of examples to elaborate the supporting evidences.

Learn more about illustration essay writing.

Narrative Essay

The narrative essays are used to explain the events and the stories of the past and they must have vivid details in the writing..

Find further details about narrative essay writing.

Descriptive Essay

This type of essay resembles most with the narrative essays as it also depicts the vivid details of an event and it has more focus on the sensory details of the subject.

Discover more about descriptive essay writing.

Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay have a resemblance with the argumentative essays and their objective is to make the reader agree with your opinions by strong persuasive arguments.

Learn about persuasive essay writing in detail.

Compare And Contrast Essay

The compare and contrast essay is written to show organisation of ideas and things in categories.

Find out how to write a compare and contrast essay.

Controversial Essay

Controversial essay is also similar to argumentative essay in terms of topic selection. In most cases the same topic can be used either for argumentative essay or controversial essay.

Learn in detail about controversial essay writing.

Cause And Effect Essay

Cause and effect essay is a type of essay which shows the results of some particular happening due to some causes.

Get to know more regarding cause and effect essays.

Expository Essay

Expository essay is an essay type that is used to reveal and define the process most of the times.

Get more information about expository essay writing.

5 paragraph essay

The general writing format that applies to all these above mentioned types of essays is 5 paragraph essay format and you can learn more about 5 paragraph essay writing format.

Learn more about 5 paragraph essay writing.

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