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Finance dissertations are a norm for students of finance in Graduate, Undergraduate, Masters and PhD classes. MBA – Finance is one of the most popular degrees which also leads to other prestigious degrees in finance. Writing a paper requires excellent skills in

finance and accounting

as several parts of a finance dissertation require expertise and experience in various fields and areas of finance.

Writing Stages of Finance Dissertation

Students have to select a topic in order to start writing their finance dissertation. Once the topic is approved the students have to prepare a


based on the topic. When the finance research proposal has been accepted the students go on to write a complete paper. Writing a project may seem quite straight forward but fact of the matter is that a paper requires a lot of skills and experience.

Problems of Writing a Paper

Students face several difficulties while

writing papers

which are listed below.

Creating and formulating interesting and intriguing dissertation topics in finance
Writing an excellent proposal which will be accepted by the project supervisor
Researching from relevant and appropriate sources and using a proper citation style
Unavailability of time and resources to carry out a proper research and study for the project
Gathering and collecting data from appropriate and relevant primary and secondary sources
Using the appropriate level of English while avoiding grammar, spelling and sentence structure mistakes
Formatting and editing to paper appropriate for level of degree

These are only few of the several problems students face while

writing a paper


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