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Projects in accounting are quite specific to the field of finance and accounting and these projects are usually prepared by Undergraduate, Graduate, Masters and PhD students studying for an accounting degree. Students studying for an accounting degree may select various accounting topics and start writing their proposal. When their proposal is accepted they can go on to write a paper. An accounting paper can be prepared to research in a new area of accounting or analyse, evaluate or solve a previous problem related to any field of accounting. More specific areas of accounting include financial, cost, management, financial reporting or any other dissertation related to the field of accounting.

An accounting dissertation proposal or paper can be prepared by students but many students also face several problems in preparing the project or proposal.

Problems in writing an effective dissertation

Formulating an intriguing and interesting research topic for your paper which will be approved by your supervisor.
Preparing a proposal in an effective manner which will be accepted so that the writing process can start.
Inability to understand the various concepts associated with different branches of accounting
Students don’t know where and how to start researching and writing for a dissertation in accounting
Carrying out research from relevant sources for your research from journal articles, books, periodicals and websites which may require a large amount of time and cost.
Having difficulty in various parts of a paper such as introduction chapter, literature review, research methodology, findings, observations and conclusion.
Not being able to give the extensive effort and appropriate time required for an effective paper or proposal based on accounting systems, methods and techniques in various companies, industries and countries.
Inability to understand the various standards set out for accountants in carrying out the accounting process in an effective and efficient manner
Not knowing how to collect data from primary and secondary methods specifically in an accounting dissertation from accounting departments of companies and previous researches or other sources such as books, standards, articles and websites.
Inability to prepare an accounting dissertation proposal or dissertation report with appropriate level of accounting concepts and accurate level of English while avoiding spelling, grammar and plagiarism issues.
Presenting the appropriate amount of words in the report and formatting dissertation to meet specific criteria.

These are only a few problems you or other students may face while preparing a paper.

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